Beautiful Under The Rain

Beautiful Under The Rain

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, most specially when it rains! You've been planning to wear a smashing ensemble for a client presentation, but then it pours, laying waste to all your OOTD aspirations. Rainy days not only call for some rethinking in choice of outfits, you'd have to consider your options for makeup as well. After all, you wouldn't want your powder to cake up or your mascara to melt before your pitch for a new account or your date with someone who could possibly be “the one!”

Archie Tolentino, Lead Makeup Artist at NARS Cosmetics, Tatin Yang, freelance makeup artist and writer, and Denise Congco Wuethrich, freelance makeup artist, share a couple of tips and techniques which would keep you looking fab even under the rain.

1: Best Base. It pays to know how to set your makeup properly. Avoid applying too much foundation, says Tatin, as it could run down your collar and stain your clothes. Work on your base. She says, “Start with a thin layer of a water-resistant base blended seamlessly on the face (a beauty blender or stippling brush will help); use a stippling brush dipped in loose powder—don't forget to shake off the excess—to set your base.”

2: Cream Over Powder. When the weather's foul and gloomy, cream beats powder every time for its longer staying power. Denise says, “Oil stays. Water evaporates. Powder gets wet. Use cream products instead of powder products because they stay in place and they repel water. Opt for cream eyeshadows, blush, and foundation.”

To eliminate creasing and fading of eye makeup, Archie suggests layering a cream eyeshadow of a similar shade under your powder eyeshadow.

3: Less is More. Don't go piling it on when the weather's gone amok. Denise says, “The next worst thing to fading makeup is sticky makeup. Use color correctors on blemishes or spots so you will not need to apply heavy foundation to even out the skin tone. Tinted moisturizer is also a good alternative to foundation because it is lighter.”

She adds, “To make the products stay put, apply primer before anything else. Lock in the makeup with a matte setting spray.”

4: Play With Your Lips. Now's the time to give more emphasis on your lips! After all, says Denise, “It's easier to maintain a bold red lip than smokey eyes during rainy days. Choose a good quality lipstick. Use either a matte cream-based lip product or a non-transferrable liquid lipstick.”

Here's a great technique from Archie to give your lips more emphasis: “Use a bit of concealer to clean up around the mouth when wearing bold, rich colors. This will make the lip color look precisely applied and will prevent the lip color from looking muddy especially with plum and burgundy colors.”  

5: Conceal, Conceal, Conceal. The great thing about makeup is that it allows us to enhance our assets, and cover up our flaws. Most of us have a bit of discoloration under our eyes, probably from all those late nights at work or at play, and we shouldn't let that rain on our parade, even if it's all gloomy outside. Archie gives a wonderful trick: Use a corrector concealer before a brightening concealer under the eyes. He says, “Using a corrector first will ensure that the undereye discolorations will not peek through your makeup. Use salmon pink or peach for fair to medium skin tones, or dark peach to true orange for dark and deep dark skin tones.”

6: Go Waterproof! Suffice it to say that you should use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. These two aren't going to melt in the rain, and won't give you the “black tears” look. These have awesome staying power as well, and a waterproof mascara will leave your lashes soft and long while standing up to the effects of moisture.

Tatin notes that products for your lashes and brows are the most likely to cause a mess when they get wet and start running down your face, so opt for water-resistant ones.

Denise declares: “It's waterproof or nothing at all!”

7: Just Tint It! Here's an easy way to waterproof your makeup: Use lip and cheek tints.  Tatin says, “Once you apply this, you're pretty much set for the rest of the day. Pair this with a set of beautifully done waterproof eyebrows and you're halfway there.”