Say no to excess baggage! How does a carry-on and a handbag with room for pasalubong sound?

Here is our guide to weekend packing that we think might work for you too. It’s all about being comfortable without sacrificing style.

For a weekend at the beach it is always smart to pack light and wear something that’s water-ready so you can relax and concentrate on the fun things ahead. And we don’t mean in scuba gear, but in lightweight and easy-to-dry pangharabas outfits. There is a lot of sun, walking, and sweating to consider so whether it means an all-white linen ensemble or denim-and-tee as long as you are comfortable, that’s good enough for us. It also helps to have handbags that can contain all your essentials and are as stylish as you so you’re always picture-ready.

Bringing a stylish carry-on means no lost luggage and no compromised look.

• 2 pairs of footwear. One that’s metallic or studded to see you thru some dressy events or places. And another that you can use anywhere like flipflops or canvas slip-ons. TIP: Wear one of these so there’s less to pack.

• 2 swimsuits for Day 1 and 2 or if you decide to go for a morning and a night dip.

• A dress that’s flexible enough worn alone or over a swimsuit. TIP: Cotton and jersey fabrics need less or no ironing and dry up quickly!

• 3 pairs of top and shorts that easily match each other. We prefer shorts over a skirt in case you need to get on and off a boat or do other “sporty” stuff.

• 1 nice set of sleepwear that you can be seen in during breakfast buffet. You can use it for 2 nights.

• 5 undies and 3 bras. Self explanatory.

• Your own shampoo and conditioner, body wash, facial cleanser, sunblock, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.

• Foldable nylon or canvas bag for beach essentials and plastic to fit in all your dirty laundry.

It’s best to have a bag that you can put over your shoulder or across your body for extra convenience.

• Kensington travel wallet to contain all the documents and cash you need plus a pen.

• Your makeup pouch with only these: a lipstick, lipbalm, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, blush, oil blotter. Leave the powder and mascara behind. They are not sun-friendly. At the beach, the barer the better.

• Camera to capture hi-res memories

• Water bottle (empty before airport gates)

• Baby wipes. You always need one.

• A scarf in case it gets cold in the airplane and can double as a body wrap at the beach.

• A candy, some crackers and Paracetamol just in case. //

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