We are bursting with excitement to bring you this year’s gift guide to close the decade—and what a decade it was! Incidentally, 2019 marks our 10th year in the business and we launched our most coveted Limited Edition Anniversary Collection last November to overwhelming response from old beloved and new customers alike. Needless to say, we are still on a high and looking forward to the holidays with much to be thankful and grateful for. So this time, we’re paying tribute to our customer base, an amalgam of personalities with very different albeit all interesting lifestyles that our various bags cater to, hopefully with much joie de vivre. Make your present even more special with a monogram of their names or initials, a more personalized gift goes a long way. Here’s to a meaningful and prosperous Holiday season and an even bigger, brighter 2020 ahead!



We all have that one friend who never seems to stay put in one place for a moment, always flying off to a new destination every so often. Sure, majority wishes for that jetsetter lifestyle but it can be tough, especially when organizing the essentials---and there are lots of them! Enter our newest Mount Convertible bag that is a nifty 3-in-one piece of art: it seamlessly transforms from a handbag to shoulder bag, to backpack in a matter of seconds; houses a laptop, toiletry case, retouching kit and even a change of top if needed! The streamlined, classic design is handsome enough to get you upgraded to first class, if we may so boldly claim, and along with the Currency Case, will keep all your precious documents and cash safe and sound.



City girls are busy creatures, often running from one appointment to the next, from a stop at her start-up business, Pilates class, to school pick up, to the nail salon, then perhaps happy hour with the girls or dinner with the husband. She’s super stylish and wants a bag that’ll mesh well with her current fashion obsession, be it a classic LBD or pretty printed dress plus shoe-of-the-moment. Our most beloved Mini Mini Boite or Bayswater suits her to a T; both just the right size and comes in designs that are sure to be conversation starters, taking either of them from daytime errands to a night out without having to switch bags. How’s that for fancy?



The fashionistas in our lives are the magical souls that bring joy and delight via their sartorial choices, day in and day out. They’re unafraid to take risks, are always in the know when it comes to trends, and are immensely secure with who they are, no matter how eccentric or radical their current #ootd may be. It’s only fitting that they are gifted with the most fashion-forward bag we have, in colors that range from flashy to quiet cool. The Thames camera bag in the most unique colors are top choices, providing that finishing touch to any ensemble be it classic or trendy, colorful or neutral. As for toting those signature sunglasses? Only our leather case in a striking shade will do.



Unlike the jet setting type of traveller, the adventurous one takes the path less travelled---figuratively and literally! These gung-ho individuals have no qualms taking public transport to get to their destination; are not picky when it comes to taking their next meal, and comfortable having street food or fast food if need be; they can stay at communal hostels and rave about the savings; they’ll climb mountains, jump off planes and hike trails to faraway places to be one with nature. It’s only fitting that they carry the most reliable bags and accessories out there because we believe, this part of traversing the world shouldn’t be compromised. The latest model of our best-selling Bumbag is a more compact version with multiple compartments and a stylish chain strap that fits snugly against your chest when worn around the torso for added security. Another option is the Sac Seau taking your travel style to a whole new level!



Girl Bosses often have the highest regard for excellence---after all, they wouldn’t be where they are without the grit and determination to make it. Busy is an understatement for this lady; on any given day, she has multiple meetings, possibly a PTA in between, a product launch or closing a deal over dinner. Heck, she could even have started her day playing tennis at the crack of dawn! The Mayfair in all its superior glory ticks off all her demands in one gorgeous package: the sturdy leather can house everything she needs without it collapsing like a wilted flower; it’s handsomely made, easy to tote, adjusts with a click of a button and overall plays eye candy to passersby. It’s a match made in executive class heaven, especially when you throw in a chic white eyeglass case or a slim card case. All the better to bring in the big guns with!



Some people were born to live in vintage, maybe perhaps reincarnated from a past life in another era (if you believe in such things). Any which way, the Pullman train case was inspired by the bags and luggage of our Lola’s time, when women dressed up more feminine and the world was a simpler place sans the frills and thrills we enjoy today. As a purse, it’s incredibly versatile and roomy; as a make-up or vanity kit, it’s the ideal size to bring around when travelling or even to a city staycation. For the vintage vixen in your life this is a dream purse, along with our Jewelry Organizer that comes with very useful compartments and our Brag Book to keep those polaroids on hand!


There’s nothing better than a fresh school year to get a student excited for the next chapter, like entering university! Sure it can be daunting, but with the right gear a.k.a the chicest of the chic backpack, it makes it a whole lot more bearable and easy. The Strand fits right in a classroom as it does a boardroom. The sleek, minimalist design isn’t trend dependent, nor does it have a faddish look; its quiet elegance lets the bag speak for itself while the functionality is unparalleled. We know how annoying it can get to dig in a backpack sometimes, so we added a back zipper for easy access, keeping your belongings safe and sound. Add a Coin Case that can also store USBs, earphones, or a friendship band—all essentials to a college life.



We all have that Tita who loves to shower her nephews and nieces with gifts every Christmas, or any occasion really. Why not treat her back with the first ever bag we designed, the City Tote! This extremely roomy, very practical and versatile tote is every woman’s best friend and our new version has secret straps you can wear around your shoulder. Soft, unlined leather makes the City Tote lightweight so even if she fills it up with goodies or her own essentials, it won’t wear her down. Throw in a colorful Cheque book holder or Multi-card wallet for this shopping lover. After all, she’s never scrimped on presents for the people she loves.



WORDS Anne Bella Arguelles

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