A Bag Story: Injecting Katre + Color Into Your Wardrobe

A Bag Story: Injecting Katre + Color Into Your Wardrobe


It’s 2020, folks!

The new decade calls for brand new resolutions, so we at Katre challenge you to be more sustainable in your fashion choices (a.k.a. not succumbing to sale season) but rather, shopping your wardrobe with the same gusto as perusing Zara’s sale racks. While we know our customers are mostly neutrally inclined when it comes to their sartorial choices, we do have the vibrant pretty birds who aren’t afraid to embrace the rainbow---literally.

Here are a some tips and tricks brought to you by our lovely constants to hopefully make you see your closet—and bags—in a different light, maximize your weekly #ootds using one bag at a time (yup, it’s possible) and be kinder to the earth in the process. It all starts with a small step, let’s take it together this new decade, shall we?


Jackie Go makes a non-color the statement color

Usually, our customers prefer to make their Katre bag the statement color / piece in their #ootds but stylish mom Jackie, as evidenced by this lovely IG post, goes the opposite (albeit just as stylish) route, instead styling her white Mini Mini Boite with shades of orange and getting us all excited to dress for summer! By using a white bag that incidentally matches her chandelier earrings, it instantly makes the whole look cohesive, fresh and current. White is an unlikely choice as opposed to the usual tan or black, but by opting to use it as the statement color elevates her look ten times more and adds that always attainable element of surprise.


Liza Ilarde dresses around her main accessory

The Queen of color and print clearly woke up thinking of styling her outfit around the City Tote Petit in this delicious shade of chamomile, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the final product! What makes this seemingly casual look special is the subtle matching with the print of her shirt and how the yellow stands out against the blue of her denim pants (this is key). The pink top and sneakers are also an unusual pick but meshed seamlessly with the entire look, making you focus on the bag first then the outfit next. Cozy, comfy, cool. 


Shaira Luna’s color clash

Photographer and vintage collector Shaira styled the Thames in Matcha like she took a time machine back to the groovy ‘70s, in clashing colors that are actually made for each other. Her pants seem to be predominantly orange at first glance, but zoom in and spot the green checks intertwined with white, an intentional styling hack she definitely planned. A play of prints using orange polka dots against white on her button down polo is the cherry on top of this smart ensemble. Yeah, baby!


Agoo Bengzon tempers a bright frock with a neutral

Beauty guru Agoo teaches us a lesson on how to tone down a bright dress with quiet yet whimsical accessories like the Baby Boite in Earl Grey and silver slides for maximum impact. Yellow paired with gray is one of the most underrated color combinations and may be difficult to execute in separate garments, but done through accessories like this makes for an interesting look that’s far from the usual.


Tessie Singson on complementing colors

The chicest Lola there is knows a thing or two about styling stellar looks! Wearing the Mayfair in Chamomile with an ice blue coat is a layering hack made in fashion heaven and paired with all black underneath, which is the failsafe pairing for yellow, makes this look a star.   

We hope these ladies inspire you to explore the color wheel this New Year. Life is too short to be neutral— in dressing, that is!


WORDS Anne Bella Arguelles


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