Top Trends To Wear This Summer And The Bags To Pair Them With

Top Trends To Wear This Summer And The Bags To Pair Them With

Summer is in the air so we’re serving up the looks you can expect to see all over IG and your high street go-to’s come March, April and May. Being the bag experts we are, we couldn’t help but do our own accessories pairing for you, so you can easily transform into your character of choice on any given (sunny) day. Here are our favorites with matching Katre bags, enjoy playing dress up!

Beige Ambition

We call it Oat around here and it’s one of our best-selling shades thanks to its versatility and gender-neutral qualities. The key to acing the look is to wear it head-to-toe and that includes your bag, the Bumbag in Hazelnut, perhaps? Another way to style this extremely democratic trend is to tote a statement-making color via your accessories for contrast, like the Mini Mini Boite in Chili.

Photo from The Zoe Report

The New Lace

Lace this season isn’t the saccharine sweet variety but rather the opposite of---think pop art-inspired with a hint of punk. Soften the look with a structured bag like the Double Sloane or Double Sloane Wristlet to keep it streamlined and not overly busy. Go for an unusual color like mustard or fern grain for a touch of nature.

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Artisanal Handiwork

Crochet, macramé and folksy elements get the grown-up, luxe treatment this season so time to bring out that top or dress lola knitted and re-style it with unexpected elements like denim or faux leather. We suggest adding a little ‘70s flair via our Shirr bucket bag in Magenta or Fossil as an ode to the original, albeit with a modern twist.

Photo from The Fashion Spot

Clashing Prints

This season’s floral trend rendition isn’t for the wallflower: think madly clashing prints in the brightest of hues, with an anything goes approach to dressing! Print mixing has long been attributed to a more positive and cheerful attitude and we’re happy to get on board with our snazzy Phone Envelope Crossbody, with its contrasting chain strap intertwined with leather. Mixing textures is our version and we think it would go splendidly with whatever concoction your imagination dreams up!

Photo from Vogue

Fruity Coordinates

Monochromatic dressing has been Katre’s styling trademark since the beginning, so imagine our delight that fruit-inspired colors head-to-toe are taking center stage. We like pairing the outfits with our bags in the same shade for continuity and a touch of kitschy such as the Mini Piccadilly in Chili with a crimson ensemble or Hanover with Zip in Royal Blue for a navy version. Any which way, your #ootd will score high and mighty in our books.

Photo from Atlantic Pacific

80’s Wash Denims

Denim on denim is definitely one of our go-to looks and it’s not surprising that the 2019 version is a 1980s redux in #21st century cuts and shapes. Whether it’s a skirt, jacket, wide-legged pants or a dress, acid wash denims are making a mark and what better color to pair them with than a non-color like white? The Baker Tote in Oat or Bumbag in Cloud is our answer to the subtle statement-making shade that has shared a love affair with denim since time in memorial.

Photo from Pop Sugar

The One Piece

Industrial jumpsuits inspired by factory workers are steadily creeping into  wardrobes this summer and with good reason! It takes the stress out of mixing and matching when you’re in a rush and goes on and off in one swift zipper swish. We’d like to see it dressed up with the Baby Boite in Periwinkle for that unexpected, structured twist only a seasoned fashionista would concoct. How’s that for a tip!

Photo from Anthropologie