Corporate Orders

Thank you for your interest in KATRE Leather Goods.
You may have some premium leather requirements to represent you for branding, giveaways, employee incentive, or marketing strategy. You’re on the right page.
Explore the endless possibilities for personalization available to your company. Here are the usual steps involved in making a customized leather item for your business:

  1. choosing a design from our lineup,
  2. accomplishing a purchase order,
  3. sampling, and
  4. delivery.

If you have an idea or design in mind we would be happy to meet, discuss, and make it come to life. Like most personalized items, these orders take time and require at least 3 weeks before delivery. For more details, do contact us at, +63998.3117131, +63916.6052207, (02) 7918727 (Monday-Friday 10am- 5pm).