Even the simplest of designs can look grand and evoke a special meaning when a monogram is added. Here at KATRE we offer not just initials but words stamped onto your leather goods for that added luxury that creates beautiful impression and lasting memory.

KATRE offers foil stamping, which involves hot stamping the characters of your choice onto the leather to create a distinguished look. You will be given a choice between black, gold and silver foils upon checkout. On most occasions, we may suggest the best style/foil for your item.

  • Short Monogram (maximum of 6 characters) is PhP150/item unless the product was presented as a set, then only 1 fee will be charged
  • Long Monogram (7-12 characters) is P250/item. Two fees will be charged for set items.
  • Blind Deboss (maximum of 4 characters) is P200/item unless the product was presented as a set, then only 1 fee will be charged
  • Handwritten Monogram (maximum of 2 x 2 square inch** file upload) is P500/item.

*Note that not all items are eligible for a Long Monogram, a Blind Deboss, or a Handwritten Monogram.

**Actual handwritten monogram size will depend on the size of the item. For very specific sizing and placement please indicate it under the Comments section of your order form. If no instructions were made KATRE will proceed with the standard placement and sizing without consulting the customer. It is the customer's duty to specify his/her instructions upon placement of order. This policy takes effect for all types of monogram.

Although most items can be personalized using foil stamping, some cannot, depending on the construction of the style or leather type. If the item you have selected is not available for personalization, we recommend choosing a different leather or style. As always, our Customer Care Team is available to help and can be reached at +63998.3117131, +63916.6052207, (02) 7918727 or

For some items, especially small leather goods, we suggest you limit your monogram to 3 letters or 4 characters (including punctuation marks and spaces). Regrettably, monogrammed items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Please understand that based on the finish, style and texture of each leather piece, Monogram effects will look different. We also have pre-selected the font style, size and placement of the personalization—often, on the bag tags for handbags and outside-front for smaller items. If you have specific requirements on the placement of your monogram kindly leave instructions on the Comments box of your Order Form. If you’re looking for something elaborate — specifics of your personal message, general complexity of your design — checkout our BESPOKE page or head to the KATRE HQ, where the possibilities for personalization are boundless. Right away you can see, touch, and feel all the materials available to you.

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